Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 6, 7 & 8

Hi all,

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend.. and if you're in Ontario.. this dumping of snow we got!! I knew once I got excited for spring weather we would get a bunch of snow and I wouldn't like it. I was right!

Anyways.. let me tell you about my last 3 days of working out.

Day 6
Saturday was a pretty busy day. I got together with 2 of my friends for breakfast and then had a day full of shopping! It was great! I got home around 3pm and jumped on the treadmill right away. I did 20 minutes on there. Felt good!

Day 7
Sunday was ridiculous. I had the wonderful idea of going for a walk.. except none of the sidewalks had been cleaned which made walking to the store crazy! ahahaha It took us (Pete & I)about 30 minutes to get there and back. I think in some spots the snow was 1/2 foot deep? It was definitely a difficult walk. The moment I stepped into his place was amazing. HAH

Day 8
I already got my workout in today :) During my lunch I went for a 20 minute walk around the block. 1/2 uphill. It felt great and its a beautiful day.. but that wind is killler!!!!!! My face was sooo cold! Oh well.. I got it in and don't need to worry about it as I have a CRAZY day ahead of me. I'll be at the office until 6pm tonight and will be going straight to ROOF to volunteer. I won't get home to 11 and by that point I will be exhausted and prob not in the mood to workout.

Anyways :) My weekend was fantastic! I spent a lot of time with Pete which is always amazing. We made dinner together on Saturday and it was sooo yummy! I found this blog that has amazing recipes and shows the PointsPlus+ value on every single recipe! VERY useful!!

Anyways I need to get back to work .. take care!


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  1. I wanted to se epics of your vday dinner!!! and snow!! and your sexy self!!!!!!!!!!!RAWR!!!!!!!!!!!