Sunday, April 29, 2012

New 30 day challenge!!!

Hey all,

I've decided to start another challenge. I actually already did yesterday but didnt get a chance to post. I'm on my iPhone so i hope this posts ok!!

My challenge for the next 30 days is to take 5 minutes everyday earning activity points on weight watchers. I can use activity points to use towards more points for food on ww. Again this is the bare minimum and I will be doing much more than that the majority of the time! Yesterday I went for a 35 minute walk with mom and today Pete and I went for 2 walks. It felt good. I just want to ensure I am moving every single day!!

Last week I didn't work out for 3 days and felt like a bum! I need this kick in the butt!!

Anyways hope you all had a great weekend. I will check in tomorrow!!



Friday, April 20, 2012

Your weight does NOT define who you are

Good Afternoon my amazing readers

I hope you are enjoying this AMAZING friday! It is soo nice out! 22C. Can't complain :)

I wanted to write about the scale and your weight and how it does NOT define who you are.

Today my friend Gus told me that I have lost A LOT of weight since January.. and he emphasized the word A LOT. It made me feel great! I love receiving compliments and it gives me quite the ego boost. He went on about how it was inches from each side. THAT is what I lost.. inches. 

In reality my weight has fluctuated a lot over the last 4 months. I weigh the EXACT same I did on January 4th. I have gained a few lbs (from stupidity) and I am back down to my Jan 4th weight. Am I upset? No. Why? Because I can SEE the difference. I am working hard to shed those inches. I am gaining muscle! I am working out a minimum of 3 times per week (even that seems like it isn't enough now.. I'm on a roll!) and am watching what I eat. The Scale does NOT define who I am! I DO. The scale helps.. obviously if I get on the scale one day and see a gain of 10 lbs I'd probably shit myself.. but that is very unlikely to happen. This is why I love the term "lifestyle change". Not once in the last year have I told anyone that I am on a diet.. I have said I have changed my lifestyle. These tiny changes that I have made in the last year have made a huge difference! Come on.. I went from a size 18 to a 12!

The most important thing about being healthy is actually living the healthy lifestyle. This is why I hate the word diet.. to me diets are temporary. A diet is a quick fix. Do you just quit your diet when you get to where you want to be? When you eat SO strictly based on your "diet" how do you learn to incorporate your own lifestyle into your life? What are you going to do when someone throw's you a curveball and stops at McDonalds or another restaurant? What are you going to do when you're craving that peanut butter cup or those Munchos.. but they aren't part of your diet? I've been there.. I've done the "diet"... MULTIPLE TIMES. It didn't work. I lost the weight.. I gained it back.. why!?? Because I didn't know how to eat AFTER the fact. I eventually went back to the way I was eating before and almost hit 250 lbs.

I see soo many females who get upset because the number on the scale isn't dropping. But that isn't everything. Its those measurements, its the way your clothes are fitting, the way your body is tightening.. its the way YOU feel about yourself. THAT is what is important. 

Don't get upset when those numbers aren't showing you what you want to see.. eventually it will come. Focus on how your new healthy lifestyle is making you feel. Focus on the POSITIVE in your life.. everything else will follow.

I promise :)

Gotta run!



Thursday, April 19, 2012

No Loss.. but oh well!

I have been a horrible blogger! Sorry about that.. but this week was kinda all over the place.

I recently got into the show Mad Men and have been watching it non stop. Literally.. non stop. I come home from work.. put it in and watch until I go to bed. I watched the entire first season from Saturday to Sunday.

Anyways..I weighed in this week and didn't lose. I'm not surprised. I had two losses the weeks before so I was still happy about that.. I also quickly did my measurements on Wednesday morning and they were down! I didn't get to log them but I will do them again this weekend to be sure. It felt good!!

I failed on my challenge. I tracked in my mind but not on the health checks tracker. I didn't find that was a big deal as I still stayed on track... didn't use any extra points and still worked out.

Monday I came home from work early as I was feeling pretty sick and relaxed.. I didn't go to ROOF but I did watch Mad Men all night (of course) and stayed in bed for most of the day.

I feel much better now though.

This is a new week for me and I want to spend a lot of my weekend being active and spending it with the ones whom I love :). I can't wait to see what this week has in store for me and I promise to update sooner!



Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New week!

Hey all,

So today was my weigh in day and I am down 1 lb! *Happy Dance, Happy Dance*

I was SOO excited!! AND very shocked. I really can't believe I've lost 4.5 lbs in the last 2 weeks. Thats more than I've lost all of 2012.

Anyways.. today is the beginning of a new weight watchers week which means I will have a new WW related goal. This week I am going to switch it up and my goal is to track my "healthy checks" every single day for the next week. I realized I haven't done it in months and was just going off of memory. My healthy checks is a tracker on weight watchers where I track my fruit, water, dairy and oil intake. I realized a few times last week that I hadn't eaten any dairy that day but was past 9pm so I couldn't do anything about it.

Hopefully this will get me in the habit of tracking those things again.

So what did I do this week to lose that lb?

  • Tracking- It is important for me to track every single thing I eat. If I don't I will go over my points and I really don't want to do that!
  • Exercise- I worked out 3 times last week (which now to me doesn't feel like enough.. see that 30 day challenge DID work). I pushed myself and uped the intensity last night :)
  • Stayed within my points and only used SOME of my activity points
  • Didn't touch my 49 activity points
  • Allowed myself to live a little and eat some not so healthy food
I feel really proud of myself for losing. I feel like I'm a whole new me. :)

Such a great feeling! 

Anyways my break is over so I must get back to work.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Zumba, Zumba, Zumba!!

Does anyone else want to yell/sing out ZUMBA ZUMBA ZUMBA!!! (and possibly jump up and down) when they hear someone talking about Zumba? You'd have to actually do zumba to understand what I'm talking about but it is a fun feeling :). As you can see by the title.. I will be talking about Zumba (and other things of course). I did Zumba for the 2nd day in a row and I feel FANTASTIC!! It's so much fun and the time flies by when you are doing it! I really do recommend trying out a class if you get a chance. It is for people of all shapes, sizes and ages. Plus a 45 minute class you can gain 11 activity points!! HOLY CRAP right? The most fun form of exercise around. hahah. Anyways.. This week was a bit harder than usual. It always is when there is a holiday. I stayed on track and tracked EVERY SINGLE THING I ate. I may not have eaten the healthiest I ever have but I stayed within my points and only used some of the activity points I earned.

 Friday morning Pete and I drove to Kingston to spend time with his family.. we returned late Saturday evening. During that time I had Mcdonalds (I know! but I only ate half a meal), Fish and Chips (good friday) and an Easter dinner. And may I say I DON'T REGRET A THING! Why? Because I tracked and had fun! This is a lifestyle change not a lifestyle bootcamp. If that makes any sense.. haha.

I earned 27 activity points this week and only used 10 of those. I didn't touch any of my 49 points. I preplanned every single meal I ate(this weekend) and I didn't eat past 9pm. It was easy. I stayed on track. I planned. I succeeded.

Sunday was Easter dinner with my family and we had turkey (as usual). It was fantastic!! Once again I planned in advance so was able to enjoy myself.. ANDDD I had 3 points left at the end of the day :) It feels good to be in control.

Tomorrow is my weigh in day. I have to admit that I am not expecting a loss as 3.5 lbs in one week is a lot! I feel as though no matter how hard I tried I probably wouldn't drop but we will see. As long as I didn't gain! lol. Everyone keeps saying how they are noticing a difference and my friend Sam told me today that everytime she sees me I look so much smaller! Such a great thing to hear!!

 Anyways, I am going to go.. Ringer is back on and I am addicted!!! Gotta go.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Quote of the Week

Just saw this one and had to share <3

Never neglect the person you see in the mirror. This is the only person in the world, who has witnessed the entirety of your life. This person has experienced the thick the thin, the highs the lows, the good the bad. There are not too many certainties in life, but here's one this person will stick with you for life, so in exchange for it's life long service make sure you place a high value on them.

-Patricia Nocerino

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

3.5 lbs down and I feeeel GOOOOD!!!

Hi all,

I am going to start off by saying that this week was a HUGE success with a HUGE loss! I am down a total of 3.5 lbs!!! I really can't believe it! It's such a great feeling. 3.5 lbs in 7 days!! That blows me away. Normally I would think "whoa! That's not healthy" but you have to keep in mind I have barely lost this year. My body has shrunk (FOR SURE) but the scale has not shown it. It is really nice to see that my hard work is paying off :).

I was actually surprised to see a loss as there is this female type thing that usually prevents me from losing at this point and time and blah blah blah (sorry guys).

I actually had a pretty stressful week and am very happy I was able to stick to my weight watchers goal. I did not eat any food (except 0 pt food) after 9pm all week. I really think this is why I had such a good week. I stuck to my plan.. I worked out.. I didn't use any of my extra 49 points and I succeeded! Yesterday was the worst. I ripped my pants (in the knee), got a cold sore and was PMSing like crazy. I was also having a bad day. I came home.. ate dinner, did Zumba, abreva'd the shit out of my lip and watched ringer.

I can already tell today is going to be a better day! HALLELUJAH!!

I would like to thank Autumn for helping me out SOO much this week and for motivating me to do better. She really helped me to stay on track! It's nice to have someone like this in your life! I really do encourage everybody who is trying to lose weight to have a motivation buddy. It really helps get things moving!

So what did I do this week to help me lose 3.5 lbs?

  • I tracked every single thing I ate.. no matter how big or how small
  • I didn't eat past 9pm (except for 0 pt foods)
  • I didn't use any of my extra 49 points (I don't really agree with those anyways)
  • I gained 30 activity points (holy crap! I just realized that one)
  • I didn't eat just because I felt emotional or upset.
  • I made sure to follow the Weight Watchers plan and ate the right amount of fruits, protein and dairy every single day
  • I didn't stress out or overthink :) I made do with what I had!
Those are sooo very simple! And I did it :)

This week for my Weight Watchers goal I am going to keep doing what I was doing and am not going to eat past 9pm unless it is a fruit or a veggie. I really would like to cut back on how much I eat at night and like I said before.. it takes 30 days to develop a habit and that is what I am going for :)

It's time I put the pedal to the metal and speed this process up. YES I CAN eat whatever I want. Am I going to? NO. I wan't to lose weight not maintain or have a small drop every week. I am going to stick to my plan and get the mentality I had when I first started weight watchers back. Time to cut back on junk, eating out and emotional eating. I joined weight watchers originally saying I could afford it if I cut out all of the fast food and eating out. Slowly I started forgetting about that and now I'm not going to anymore. Why waste money on food that is bad for you? It doesn't make sense when you're spending money to lose weight. Yeah I'd love to eat McDonalds or Harvey's or Taco Bell every week but for me and my personal weight loss this won't be an option anymore :).There are other healthy options I could go for instead of eating fast food... like a pita or a salad. I'm not saying this is a "forever" thing but for right now this is what I need to do for myself. Once and a while is okay but even weekly is too often. 

Heres to my new-new beginning!



Sunday, April 1, 2012

Quote of the Week & update!

It's been two weeks since I last posted a Quote of the Week. So here is this one that I've really enjoyed the last week or so.

Easy is boring. Challenge yourself.

I feel like this relates to me making my weight watchers related goals. I COULD just follow the plan and do what weight watchers says to do.. but that's not me! I enjoy challenging myself! Last week I made the goal of earning 25 activity points.. and I did it.. I actually got 26 points. :) This week I've challenged myself to not eat past 9pm (unless it is a 0 point item). Which I have done for 4 going on 5 days straight! Whoot!!! I feel like I'm on a roll. I think only two of those nights I ate a bit of fruit past 9. It feels good and it keeps me on plan when I make these little goals for myself. I also feel better in the morning because I'm not waking up with an upset stomach or feeling rotten because of the junk I've eaten the night before. I am really digging this feeling!

I've also been talking to my new motivation buddy a lot lately and she also helps me stay on track. She gives me good ideas throughout the day and asks me how I'm doing which helps :) It's nice to have that!!

I feel like I'm finally going to see a drop in the scale this week :). I had to throw out my favourite pair of jeans because they're too big already :( Bittersweet. Feels good because they constantly fall down. but I will miss them. I remember buying them last summer and feeling sooo sexy in them because they were sooo tight. I had also told myself I could never wear skinny jeans.. welll I can!! I really need to get new pants.. 1/2 of my work pants fit fairly big and I'd love a new pair of skinny jeans :). haha.. that can wait until next month! I've been working out a ton lately and am hoping to go down a size.. we shall see!

Anyone going to be watching Game of Thrones tonight? I cannnnnnot waitttt!!! ahh *screamed a little inside there*.  I love this show and have been awaiting the return. If you haven't already checked it out.. YA SHOULD!


Anyways gonna get back to making dinner. Baked sweet potato fries, chicken breast, and greek salad! Num! With honeydew melon for dessert.

Take care!