Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 18, 19 & 20!

Hey all!

Sorry I've been lagging on posts but I'm super busy!

I've been strong on the workouts and have NOT missed a day!! whooottt!!! It really is becoming a habit now. I'm feeling great and my body is already feeling more toned. Especially in my legs.


Feels good.

Anyways I'm going to quickly go through the workouts I've done in the last few days.. just to share.

Day 18- Thursday
Thursdays are usually pretty busy for me as I work and then go straight to Jenn's house. I was able to get in a quick 15 minute powerwalk around the block. I was surprised that it didn't take me longer... but was happy I got that in.

Had a great evening with my bestie.. as usual! She is THE GREATEST!!!!

Day 19- Friday
Friday I decided to go a bit harder as I had a shorter workout the day before. I did almost 30 mins on the treadmill and then busted out the exercise ball for another 2o mins. At the end of that I felt soo tired but pumped at the same time. My stomach hurt later that night as I did 140 situps as part of my workout. I also did this move my cousin told me about. I took the ball and lifted it with my legs (while layin flat) and reached up to get it and put it near the ground above my head. Then reversed it. It burrned lifting my legs up. haha but felt good! I also did this butt exercise but its hard to explain.. haha. Felt great!

Day 20- Saturday
Today I had a fun day! went out with my mom and grandparents and then came home to work out. I got the 30 mins on the treadmill and then did 10 mins on the ball. I did 120 sit ups and 40 pushups.


Its getting more fun as I go along!

Tonight Pete and I went to see the movie Wanderlust. It was hilarious! I definitely recommend it!! If you've seen it. Paul Rudd in the mirror scene.. LMAO. Too good.

Anyways.. have a good night!


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