Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 5!

Hey all!

Today is day 5 of my workout challenge! I got my workout in this evening after work. Jumped on the treadmill for 35 minutes :). It felt great! Usually when I go that long I get extremely out of breath. This time it wasn't hard at all! Except for the last 5 minutes where I cranked the speed.

I feel so good to be back at it again. I feel like a big part of my life was missing and has been returned! Not going to let anything come in my way now!

Today I had a few people tell me that it looks like I had lost weight again. Its such a good feeling when I hear this. Motivates me to keep going and to push myself harder! I'm also noticing a difference in my clothes. I feel like the clothes I had bought because my old clothes were too tight... are too tight! A lot of my pants feel looser and some shirts sit differently and longer. It's a good feeling!!! I know I have some summer clothes I was keeping to fit into someday! Here's hoping for this summer!

Anyways.. I'm at Pete's right now. I think we're going to watch the movie Friends with Benefits tonight. Should be good! I love Mila Kunis!

Take care!


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