Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 15!


hehehe. Feels sooo good.. and I love working out! I feel like after this challenge I will still want to work out every single day.

Today I got together with one of my closest friends Amber for breakfast and had a marvellous time! (as usual). I love spending time with her. She is truly an amazing human being and makes me feel so good when I am with her. If you are reading this girl I LOVE YOU!! Also.. would you like some jam or ketchup with your bagel?? haha Yes, that is what the server asked her.

Anyways.. I came home and worked out right away. I got in a 32 minute workout.. haha odd number but I like to do intervals on the treadmill.. like for 3 mins I'll go this speed or for so and so minutes I'll speed walk uphill etc. So that may be an example of why some of my workout times are weird.. hahah but it felt good :)

I love the feeling of being ridiculously sweaty from a workout.. makes me feel like I've accomplished something. One main thing I've noticed from the first challenge I had is that now when I workout I become sweaty but not winded which is a good feeling as I can go for much longer periods of time :)!

Tomorrow is Zumba again. I can't wait to shake my booty!!!! ha

Anyways.. I should head off.. I'm at Pete's house right now :).



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