Thursday, February 2, 2012

2nd 30 day Challenge Complete!

So today is the last day of my 30 day reading challenge.

Within the last 30 days I have finished 3 books and am half way through my 4th book. I'm actually surprised I kept with it as some days I honestly felt like it was a chore. After a busy day forcing myself to read right before bed when all I really wanted to do was sleep.

But now I can't wait to finish this book and pick up the next one in the series.. its very addicting! heeh :)

I got on the scale again today. You're not really supposed to when on weight watchers.. but this is MY life style change and I will do whatever I want :). Welllllll... I am down another .5 lb :D!

hehe Makes me feel great to see progress on the scale!

Anyways .. I am going to head off.



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