Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 4!

I can't believe it's lunchtime and I've already completed my workout! :) Kind of a good feeling!

Today I took it a bit easier and just went for a 20 minute speed walk around the block. I went by myself today as I wanted to just clear my mind and listen to music. I am feeling much better and the nausea from last night didn't last too long :).

I'm really excited for my night. Its Jersdaayyyy so I'm going to spend time with my bestie Jenn :)! We always have a blast even though.. we don't really do anything lol. We truly rock :)

Today I made a huge step and deleted my old blog. I've kind of being reorganizing my life and recycling the bits that just don't fit anymore.. if that makes ANY sense at all. I don't need that negative reminder around of my past anymore. I don't really want anyone to read that and see the horror stories from my past. I am a completely different person now. A stronger person. I like this me :)

I hope you do too :)

Time to get back to work!



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