Monday, September 10, 2012

Mini update

Hey all,
I am writing this mini update from the comfort of my bed. I have been sick since Saturday night and decided to come home today to a) not infect my coworkers and to b) try to sleep this bitch of a cold off.

I weighed in last Wednesday after going hard for the week. Sticking to my plan and not munching on junk food... I lost 5.6 lbs by making the tiniest changes! It felt really good and I noticed a difference right away. I had gone shopping the week before and bought a bunch of discounted things such as shorts and this cute sweater. Well now they are loose on me. It's bittersweet because I kinda wasted money but it feels sooo damn good!! I can still wear the shorts but they are a tad bit baggy on me.

This week was a bit hard as I was going through some things and have been emotional eating. I stayed within my points completely but I knew I could have made better choices. I snacked on some candy which wasn't all that smart but oh well. It doesn't even compare to how broken up and sad I was feeling inside. I came home Thursday night and found out an old friend had been murdered. I just don't understand it... :(

Now I'm sick... This has been a bad month. Anyways... I'm going to get back to snoozing for the next 15 minutes as my guy and I are going to look at an apartment at 5:30 (this will be the 3rd one so far)

Take care,