Thursday, May 31, 2012

Quote of the week!

Sitting on your couch thinking about getting in shape isn't going to get you anywhere. Saying "oh I'll start next week.. next month.. or even tomorrow" isn't going to work. You need to start right now! Live in the moment. Change your life for good. Go to the next level!

SOOO many times in my life I have said "next month I'll diet" or "I'll be good next week" or "I'll buy these pants and hopefully lose 10 lbs to fit into them". Do you think I ever fit into those pants? NOPE. They sat in my closet for YEARS. YEARS.

Now I can wear them! Why? Because I decided to make the change. One day I decided to change my life for good and I joined weight watchers and everything changed. I transformed my life with this wonderful thing I call my lifestyle change. My whole life turned around. I bought a size 14 pair of jeans from the Gap about 3-4 years ago. I knew I loved them and had previously owned a pair of size 16 jeans which I later wore so much they were ruined. I tried them on and they were tight.. I thought someday I would be able to fit into them. I couldn't.. not until late last year. Even after losing 30 lbs I still couldn't fit into them. Now I wear them often and they are BIG on me.

It is a good feeling.

If you are feeling bad about yourself because you are "bigger" or are feeling unhealthy or just want to make a change in your life.. START TODAY!! What else do you have to lose? A day of being healthy?

You can do it! If I can do it.. you can do it! I was the laziest couch potato in the world 14 months ago. THAT IS A FACT. I had a treadmill, stair climber, exercise bike, full weight lifting area and never used it. Look how far I've come.

Wanna see how far I can go?? Just keep reading...




Ask Me Anything!

Hey all,

I'd like to open up this post to all of my readers. I have had a few friends/readers message me to ask me questions or to just tell me how they feel about my blog or my journey. I love it!

If you have ANY questions for me about my weight loss, my journey, my life, me.. or just about ANYTHING in general .. please post it here.

If you don't feel comfortable leaving your name please feel free to comment anonymously.

I will answer your questions in a few days.



Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Can't Wait

I would just like to say that I can't wait to go home and read!! These hunger games books are addicting. I'm already 1/2 way through book #2


Sunday, May 27, 2012

New Challenge!

Hey all,

I've decided to start a non fitness related challenge right away. I have wanted to get back into reading (again) and think now is a fantastic time! Every day I am going to read for a minimum of 15 minutes.

I am currently reading the Hunger Games and guess what I'm going to do right now... going to go read!

haha this book is addicting.

Thanks for reading :)


Day 28-30!


Feels sooo good. I actually only realized today that it was the last day.. I thought tomorrow was lol.

Day 28- Friday

Friday I did another ball workout. I did another 200 situps and did 3 other types of exercises as well. 20 minutes. Decent time :)

Day 29-Saturday
Saturday was a busy day. Pete and I went to Kingston to see his family so we didn't get home until 10:30 and by the time we did I was sooo tired and achey. I opted to do the bare minimum (for the first time during this challenge) and did just 5 minutes of an activity. I did stretching! Yes, that is an option.

It felt so fantastic when I was done too :)

Day 30-Sunday
I woke up feeling not so great this mornin.. I opted out of zumba and instead went grocery shopping with my mom. Pushed the cart around (it was a difficult cart at that and required alot of manual turning!) I then came home and went with my mom and brady for a 20 minute walk :) Twas good!

I thought that was enough but then pete and I did a brisk walk to starbucks.. 20 mins or so.

I'm so happy I finished this challenge and my next post will be about my next challenge that I am starting today :)



Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 25-27

I'm going to try and make this one a quick blog.. lets see how that one goes!

Day 25- Tuesday

Tuesday night.. ZUMBA NIGHT!! I shook my booty for a good 40 minutes which always feels soo good :). I love the feeling after I do Zumba.

Day 26- Wednesday

Wednesday night was a busy one for me. After work I went and had dinner with my grandparents which is always a highlight of my week. They're so awesome!! I came home and asked my mom to go for a walk with me.. Just a 25 minute leisurely walk to the stop sign and back. I came home and did A LOT of cleaning.. probably about 1-2 hours worth of cleaning. It was sooo worth it in the end as my room is finally how I want it to be and the cabinets underneath my sinks in the bathroom are finally organized :).

Day 27- Thursday

Last night mom and I went to see the Avengers. I had won free movie tickets at our Volunteer Appreciation night so I figured I would take the person I appreciated the most <3. The movie was sooooooo good (except for the rude fucks who wouldn't stop talking THE ENTIRE MOVIE.. wouldn't stop going on their phones THE ENTIRE MOVIE.. and RIIIIIGHT when the movie ended started making out.. right at the top of the stairs so they were blocking the exit for us.. I walked right by and loudly said "UM EXCUUUUUUUSE MEE!!!!!" I should have sat down and talked really loudly beside them during their make out session) Feels good to get that rant out.. ahahah sorry! Anyways.. the movie was very good! We had a non-fat frozen yogurt (6 points) and shivered the entire movie hahah. Got home and I reallllllllly didn't feel like doing any kind of activity. I honestly just wanted to pass out. But did I do that? Nope.. I said "I have 3 days left!! I'm not screwing that up now".. I went downstairs and got my exercise ball and did sit ups for 10 minutes straight. OWWW I did 200 situps in that period and wanted to get sick afterwards.. haha oooh the joy of sit ups :)

I was happy afterwards and thats what matters :)


Gotta get back to work as my lunch break is over.. Toodles!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 19-24

Once again I had a busy, busy week/weekend and was unable to post. Thought it was worth it. I got to spend time with the people I love and also got to spend quality time with my family.

Day 19-Wednesday
Zumba, Zumba, Zumba!! My favourite activity to do. I put in my short 25 minute DVD and shook my booty until I was dripping in sweat.. DAMN IT FELT GOOD!!

Day 20-Thursday-

Thursday I didn't get up to TOO much. Mom and I went to visit Jenn, Brandin and baby Noah. He's so perfect. I love him soooooo much already. Didn't have too much time to spare so I just did a 20 minute leisurely walk with my mom over the lunch hour :) It was nice

Day 21- Friday
I look forward to Friday's SOO much. Especially fridays of a long weekend! Of course I dance down the steps at the end of the day and sing as I walk to my car :). I went home and mom and I went for a 55 minute power walk. It felt SOOOO good! I then went to Pete's house that evening and we chilled out and watched a few of our shows :).

Day 22- Saturday

Saturday was INSANELY hot. It was soo hot even just sitting in the sun made me drip in sweat. I decided to wait until the evening to do any exercise and even then Pete and I just did a leisurely stroll to the aquarium and then to Pita Pita to get dinner. I was still hot after that :| I also did about 20 minutes of cleaning that day. Felt good to be able to move indoors without feeling hot as heck.

Day 23- Sunday

I told Pete on Saturday I was going to be doing zumba this day. And he said .. and what if you DON'T do Zumba? My reply "There is no NOT doing zumba.. there is only doing!" And that is what I did. I zumba'd for exactly 45 minutes! And it felt great!! I also got to enjoy some family time as it was my Omi's birthday which is ALWAYS fun. I'm so lucky to have such a fabulous family.

Day 24- Monday

I was really bad yesterday. I did not eat very well at all. Everyone on weight watchers has bad days. If it wasn't for those bad days we wouldn't really be able to get back on track and realize what needs to be done.

Pete and I went to Booster Juice yesterday and then went for a 30-40 minute stroll in Waterloo Park which was nice. Always love spending time with him <3

Overall it was a good weekend. I could have been a bit better in the healthy eatting department but eh, oh well!

What can I do now but improve??


Have a good week. I'll update after I do Zumba tonight!


Friday, May 18, 2012


Hello again!

If you have me on facebook you've probably already seen this but I wanted to submit a more recent before/after pic.. and here it is!!

Note how bland my wardrobe was? Feels so good that the majority of my closet is filled with bright colours and things that make me happy :)! I feel (and look) soooo much happier!

Thank you Weight Watchers!!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

100th Post!

I can't believe I'm at my 100th post already. I also can't believe I've had over 3000 page views!

Holy crap!

So much has changed since I started this blog back in November of 2011. SO MUCH.

This blog has helped me grow in so many ways. I feel more confident.. I feel happier.. I feel more active. I just feel better! This blog has kept me motivated and I know it has motivated some of you. It really has made me feel great when some of you came to me and told me that my blog helped you realize you need change. That my blog motivated you to do things differently.. to set goals.. to work out more. I inspired people to change! You have noooooooooo idea how awesome that feels! If you came to me and said these things I would like to thank you (again). YOU saying that motivates me :)

Since I started this blog I am now working out 4-5 times a week instead of once every week or two. I am watching what I eat more carefully and setting mini goals for myself. Since I started I have not even thought about quitting. Not once. I even stuck it out while I was sick with mono for a month. I survived birthdays and Christmas and family gatherings. YOU were right there with me reading along.

I tried Zumba, incorporated power walking back in and have noticed improvements there. Started doing fun/new things on my stability ball.. AND I just recently started jogging (need alot of improvement there though). I've learned to own my mistakes. To not let an increase on the scale ruin my day/week. I've learned that enjoying myself is important and that depriving myself isn't realistic. I've learned exactly how my lifestyle change is supposed to work.


I want to thank each and every one of you who have stuck by me these past few months and have continued to read. The support I receive from you all really does motivate me to go on and push harder. Without you I wouldn't be where I'm at and I wouldn't be writing. I wouldn't be this motivated.

Hope you have a fantastic day and get to go outside and enjoy the fabulous weather!



Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Weighing In

Well I did it! I didn't want to do it but I still did it :). That .8 lb that I gained last week is officially gone! And it feels DAMN good!! But honestly I don't think that I would have been bothered if I had gained..

Things have been going well for me lately. Working out HAS become a habit for me now and I have learned to love it. I fell in love with getting in shape. I feel in love with the way my body has changed. This wouldn't have happened if I didn't change the way I thought about working out. I used to DREAD working out.. I used to come up with every single excuse in the book. I could have written the book on not working out excuses.

Instead I did a 30 day challenge.

A challenge to work out for 30 days straight. It wasn't easy at first.. it was actually quite hard. I remember thinking on day 10 how I didn't want to go on .. I could have quit right then but I didn't. I continued. Eventually working out just became a daily routine and I learned to love it.

I did my measurements last weekend. I gained last week so I just wanted to check.

Here is what has changed in the last month

Arms: -1cm
Hips: -..5cms
Bust: -2cm
Waist: -2cm
Thighs: -.5cm (they're now hard as hell... no jiggle!!)
Dress size: -2 (Now a 12!)

It feels good to SEE the results. to FEEL the results The scale is not that great of a judge.. It helps but it isn't everything. Most people can lose weight quickly. They can eat right and only eat certain things and the scale shows. Whatever works for them, right? That isn't how I do it. I do eat very healthy for the most part but i will NEVER, EVER cut any kind of food out of my life. Weight Watchers rule: NEVER DEPRIVE YOURSELF. And I won't! I ate cake this weekend and it was DAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN good! I will never give up cake.


I'm kind of rambling now but wanted to update :)

Gonna go.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 18

Hi all,

This is going to be a quicky as I'm pretty tired and about to finish some cleaning.

Instead of doing my usual Zumba like I usually do on Tuesday nights I decided to take advantage of the AMAZING weather and went for a power walk with my pup. We powered through 25 minutes and then mom and I went shopping :) hehe. I didn't buy anything but mom bought me this awesome foot scraper thingy (I have dry heels :( they suck!) It is effing AWESOME. It's metal instead of pumice which is different and works really well.

When I came home I cleaned up my space and organized a bit. I guess that also counts as activity.

I wanted to touch on my week. It was hard. I was either very busy and rushed or was very lazy and hungry. I stuck to my points and didn't use ANY of my 49 points.. whoohoo!! I also earned 36 activity points this week



I know I'm weird.

It was hard still though. Hard to stay on track and hard not to give in to all of my cravings. I don't really WANT to weigh in tomorrow but I need to face the music and own up to whatever I did.. good or bad. It's part of being a weight watcher. I have even thought about NOT weighing in but know it would be a stupid mistake and the following weeks weight loss just wouldn't be realistic.

So with that said.. I am going to weigh in tomorrow!! I am going to own my week good or bad.

I will post tomorrow and let you know how it went.



Day 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 AND 17

Day 12- Wednesday

I felt like poop on Wednesday.. I was let down from my gain and didn't feel like doing anything. Mom and I went to Costco and then to Fairview mall..(had fun OF COURSE). I got home and was exhausted. I knew I could have counted what I had done in walking as my activity of the day but I didn't. I forced myself to work out.  I must have whined (internally) at least 20 times how I didn't want to work out and one day wouldn't kill me and how I should just be lazy and watch TV.

Did I?

NOPE. I got off my ass.. got on my runners and got my ass on that treadmill and powered through for 30 minutes. I then put my ass on that exercise ball and worked out for another 15. And how did I feel after that? FANTASTIC!!!!!! GREAT SUCCESS!!! Don't expect results from excuses!

I was sooo happy I pushed myself to do that because I know the next day I would have regretted not doing it.

Day 13- Thursday

Thursday was a pretty busy day for me. I knew I wouldn't have time after work to do my workout as I was going straight to Jenns and there was a chance I would have to stay the night. I decided to get my activity in at work. I carried a bunch of books over to the opposite side of the office and rearranged and cleaned this bookshelf. I also got rid of about 200 magazines. Wasn't much but it still took me 40 mins :).

Thursday night I hung out with my bestie and we had a fabulous time (as always!) She is the best friend a girl could ever have :)

Day 14- Friday-

Friday was another crazy busy day :). I rushed to Jenns house immediately after work to dog sit her dogs for a few hours as she was in the hospital having a BABY!! Yes Friday was the day Jenn gave birth to Noah. He is so precious and beautiful. I love him sooo much already! I was sooo lucky to be able to see him. I went in with her parents so was one of the very first (I am so blessed). Jenn is such a champ!!! So happy for her and Brandin. They are going to make the most amazing parents ever :)

Friday I got in my activity at work by setting up our lunch room for the potluck and carrying food back and forth and back and forth and back and forth. This was the one AND ONLY time I have been happy that no one offered to help.. gave me more time to build up activity points lol I'm so lame. It was a great time though and everybody enjoyed themselves. And they enjoyed my mango/avocado salsa which was a huge hit!

Day 15- Saturday

Saturday I was pretty exhausted so I had a slow day. I woke up.. had breakfast and relaxed a bit. I ended up doing my zumba video which made me feel great :) (as per usual). I was also very lazy for the rest of the day and mainly watched Mad Men haha. I'm a bum.

Day 16- Sunday

Sunday was great! I woke up.. gave mom her Mother's Day presents and made her a crepe breakfast. It was great! I then took my doggy for a 35 minute power walk down the road. I also ended up going for a 20 minute stroll with Pete later that day.

It was such a beautiful day and it was really nice to sit out in the sun with my lovely family. I enjoy their company sooo much :). They are so special to me.

Went to Pete's house after dinner and watched Game of Thrones which was INSANE and then Mad Men which was pretty awesome as well :). Kinda sucks I have no episodes to catch up on :P

Day 17- Monday
Monday was stressful and busy. I counted my activity as my grocery shopping and lugging a shit load of groceries up the stairs.. That is always a fun job!! :|

Volunteering was okay. Crazy at first but I ended up having a very fun time.

Anyways.. there is my update :)

I will post tonight again.




Monday, May 14, 2012

Crazy busy week!

I just want to apologize for not keeping you in the loop with what has been happening. I've been craaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy busy and great things have happened!! I have soo much to update you on!

I promise RIGHT NOW that I will start a post and will try to submit it ASAP.

I will start that now :)

Adios! xoxoxo


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 11

Hey all,

So last night I got home from work.. ate dinner .. watched Mad Men (of course) and then went and did my short ZUMBA video. It is a total of 23 minutes.. gave me enough time to go see my hunny too :)

I love doing zumba and it feels soooo good. The quick video is one step up from my other video (even though it's shorter) as you DO NOT stop for a second. You zumba for 23 minutes straight with no song or music breaks. It makes me feel good knowing that I'm beat after that workout. :)

I sweat like a frickin pig! I even look like Alice Cooper when I am done my work out as I do not take my makeup off beforehand. OH WELL hahaah.

I weighed in today and gained .8 lbs. It kind of made me feel like shit but there is NO way I can actually be gaining fat. It has to be muscle. I work out and eat too healthy to be gaining. It doesn't really bug me that much as the NUMBER isn't what bugs me. My clothes feel loose... I can fit into my tinier summer clothes now :) I am actually starting to LOVE my body. YES. I said that I LOVE my body! Stretch marks, jiggly-ness, fat and all. I accept how I look. I LOVE how I look. I feel pretty when I go out.. I feel GOOD. I feel CONFIDENT!!

The sweat, the time, the devotion.. IT PAYS OFF!

I will not let a .8lb gain bring me down. I could probably go take a #2 and be DOWN. ahah Sorry TMI?

My weight does not define how I feel!

And with that said I must go... Toodles!!


It's Worth It

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 7-10

Hey all,

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Mine was kind of busy but relaxing at the same time :).

I was able to continue on with my challenge and have been active all week!

Friday-Day 7
On Friday I came home from work and did Zumba which felt sooooooooooo good. I love doing it soo much. It's one of those activities that doesn't really feel like an activity. I had the house to myself so was able to do a lot of cleaning and laundry also. I'm happy I had a free night to get some things done :).

Saturday-Day 8
On Saturday Mom and I had a girls day which was really fun. We woke up and went shopping.. then did more shopping.. and more shopping. Thankfully I didn't spend any money! I need to conserve.
We made a healthy lunch and then took brady for a 20 minute walk. That night we went to see The Lucky One which was REALLY good. Come on.. it had Zack Efron in it.. yum yum!! He is soo dreamy!

Sunday-Day 9
I woke up on Sunday.. had a light breakfast and then hit the treadmill right away for 30 mins. I hadn't been on the treadmill in sooo long but it's nice to see that my endurance is getting better. It took A LOT longer for me to feel tired :). When I was done that I worked out on my exercise ball for about 10 minutes which felt good too.. though I felt that the next day! OUCH

I was able to see my lover on Sunday night after my cousin's wedding shower. I had missed him sooo much. But we went out for dinner and then spent the evening cuddled up on the couch watching The Simpsons and Game of Thrones (LOVE that show!)

Monday-Day 10
Yesterday was a pretty stressful day. It was non stop. I worked 9-5 and then left right away to pick up a bed from my grandma that I delivered to the Shelter.. then I had 15 mins and went to grab a coffee from Tim Hortons. Then once I got back to ROOF it was go, go, go which is actually a good thing. Night went by soo fast and I had a really good time! By the time I got home at 11 I was sooo ready to pass right out. I had no desire to do a thing.

Last night something kind of weird happened. I was laying in my bed playing with my phone when my bedroom door knob started to jiggle/move. I was like WTF. I could hear the mirror wobbling (sits on the back of my door) and the things I had hanging on the handle were moving. I know 100% my parents were sleeping and no one was doing it.


These things always happen to me though lol. Within 5 minutes I was back to being fine.

I didn't have a set activity yesterday but I did grocery shop for an hour.. carried about 40-60 lbs of groceries up the stairs into the office.. I also helped move a twin bed.. and moved it down stairs into the shelter. I was also running around ROOF last night and helped make dinner.

Thats more than 5 minutes of activity I believe :P.

Anyways I must go.. it's Tuesday so you know what that means.. ZUMBAZUMBAZUMBAAAAAAA!!!




Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 6... DONE!


This is going to be a quick one .. I just wanted to get this in before I went to bed so I could OFFICIALLY be up to date. :)

Today I was pretty busy at work but took 15 minutes out of my day to clean and organise which was good. It needed to be done. I carried some pretty heavy stuff around. I may also add that I put in about an hour of some pretty rockin moves in the car. I take my dance parties pretty seriously. I move to the groove and I shake it until I make it baby!!!

hahaha. I'm so lame.

Did anyone else find that "huge storm" that happened tonight a bit of a let down? I definitely expected more.. but oh well!! I guess no hail is better than hail!

I am VERY excited for tomorrow!! I am hanging out with one of my very best friends Sam. It is always a pleasure to see her and we are going to get Shawarma!! (my fave food). It will be nice to catch up :)

I am also planning on doing Zumba again tomorrow :) Though if it's a nice evening (and not too humid) I will plan on going for a 50 minute power walk with my chubby puppy. We'll see



Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 4 & 5

Hey all!

Hope you are having a fan-tabular day! Mine is going quite well! I am happy that it hasn't rained too much in the last few days.. :) it's urning out to be a good one (watch it start pouring now that I've said that)

I have been sticking to my challenge :). On Tuesday night (day 4) I did Zumba which felt wonderful! I really love zumba and I encourage anyone who hasn't tried this out to find a local class. You will LOVE IT.. it is sooo fun! I did that and then went to do some (mothers day) shopping which was good! I then went and bought a scale which was a major let down which resulted in me crying for an hour.

I would not recommend buying the Conair Weight Watchers scale. It did NOT turn on by tapping it.. I literally had to either kick it or lift it off the ground to turn on. It gave me three different weights and most said I was 10 lbs heavier than my other scale. It was a rather depressing event. That was over.. I watched Mad Men and had an early night.

Next day I decided to go for a stroll during my lunch break as I knew I wouldn't be able to do anything that evening as I was visiting my grandparents and then going to see Jenn. I went for a 10-15 minute brisk walk which felt good. I was having an extremely bad day and needed to clear my head. I'm happy I did so as it did help.. for a bit. I won't go into why I was upset.. but everything is resolved now and today is a much, much, much better day :).

I'm not too sure what I will do for my challenge today but I am seeing Jenn tonight. I know I need to clean the storage room at work and sort through old magazines so that might be a decent activity. If I don't do that I will just do some work on the exercise ball once I get home. That usually makes me feel great!

I am happy to announce that I have finally lost this week! It feels good to see it on the scale (especially on a day most women do NOT feel like they can lose weight). ahah TMI? Trying to be subtle.

Anyways.. something happened to me this week that made me FEEL GREAT. I went into Ricki's to search for some work pants. In the (recent) past when I've shopped there I had only been able to fit into a size 14 (last time I got a 14 they were a bit tight). All the pants I grabbed were a size 14 which I was okay with. WELL I walked out of there with a size 12! It made me feel great!! All the size 14's looked fairly big :). I had been able to wear size 12 in other stores but I feel like that was a big step for me .. YAY ME :D


Also, my WW goal this week is to not eat past 9pm (unless it is a 0 point item).

Gotta run.. toodles!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Details about my challenge & Day 3!

Hi all,

I wanted to talk about my new challenge and how it is different from my previous challenges.

The main difference is that I will be logging a minimum of 5 minutes of activity every single day instead of workouts. When I did my previous challenges I was mainly on the treadmill, doing zumba, power walking and working on my exercise ball. I was working out. On Weight Watchers there is something called activity points.. you gain these points by being active and can use them to put towards more food. I usually like to collect them to see how many I can get in a week... hehe usually 25+.

An example of some things that are included in these activities:

  • aerobics
  • ax chopping (prob won't be doing this one.. but it is an option!)
  • basketball
  • bicycling
  • bowling
  • cleaning
  • dancing
  • elliptical
  • farming 
  • football
  • Frisbee
  • gardening
  • golf
  • gymnastics
  • horseback riding
  • housework (cleaning windows, ironing, laundry, mopping and scrubbing floors, vacuuming)
  • hunting (UGH!! REALLY?????)
  • jogging
  • judo
  • kickboxing
  • motorcycle riding (didn't see this one before.. just had quite the chuckle)
  • rowing
  • running
  • sawing (by hand)
  • scuba diving
  • shoveling snow
  • skateboarding 
  • soccer
  • squash
  • stacking firewood
  • strength training
  • stretching
  • surfing
  • swimming
  • tennis
  • walking
  • washing the car
  • water sports
  • wrestling
  • yoga
That is ONLY SOME of the options I can choose from.

A lot of the activities I will likely pick will be "workout" style activities as I like to be in it for the long haul (30-40 mins).. but when I'm sore from a workout and just want to have a slower day I can count doing my laundry as an activity.. I can do some dancing.. I can go play tennis.. I can wash my car (much needed) or I can go tackle my boyfriend and wrestle a bit :P. hahahaha.

The main point of this challenge is to get myself going .. to be active every single day for 30 days straight. Again the 5 minutes is a bare minimum and I am unlikely to ever JUST do 5 minutes.. but I needed to set a time.

Just wanted to give you a better understanding of what I will be doing :).

Yesterday (Day 3) I did a TON of shopping.. one hour in the morning (for work) and then 2 hours in the evening (for pleasure). I could count that as leisurely walking ...though if you go grocery shopping with me you may not consider that leisurely haha.(I logged 60 minutes though I probably could have logged more) 

Tonight I will be doing 45 minutes of Zumba!! Imma shake my thang!! 

Anyways.. I must go.

Have a lovely day!