Wednesday, April 4, 2012

3.5 lbs down and I feeeel GOOOOD!!!

Hi all,

I am going to start off by saying that this week was a HUGE success with a HUGE loss! I am down a total of 3.5 lbs!!! I really can't believe it! It's such a great feeling. 3.5 lbs in 7 days!! That blows me away. Normally I would think "whoa! That's not healthy" but you have to keep in mind I have barely lost this year. My body has shrunk (FOR SURE) but the scale has not shown it. It is really nice to see that my hard work is paying off :).

I was actually surprised to see a loss as there is this female type thing that usually prevents me from losing at this point and time and blah blah blah (sorry guys).

I actually had a pretty stressful week and am very happy I was able to stick to my weight watchers goal. I did not eat any food (except 0 pt food) after 9pm all week. I really think this is why I had such a good week. I stuck to my plan.. I worked out.. I didn't use any of my extra 49 points and I succeeded! Yesterday was the worst. I ripped my pants (in the knee), got a cold sore and was PMSing like crazy. I was also having a bad day. I came home.. ate dinner, did Zumba, abreva'd the shit out of my lip and watched ringer.

I can already tell today is going to be a better day! HALLELUJAH!!

I would like to thank Autumn for helping me out SOO much this week and for motivating me to do better. She really helped me to stay on track! It's nice to have someone like this in your life! I really do encourage everybody who is trying to lose weight to have a motivation buddy. It really helps get things moving!

So what did I do this week to help me lose 3.5 lbs?

  • I tracked every single thing I ate.. no matter how big or how small
  • I didn't eat past 9pm (except for 0 pt foods)
  • I didn't use any of my extra 49 points (I don't really agree with those anyways)
  • I gained 30 activity points (holy crap! I just realized that one)
  • I didn't eat just because I felt emotional or upset.
  • I made sure to follow the Weight Watchers plan and ate the right amount of fruits, protein and dairy every single day
  • I didn't stress out or overthink :) I made do with what I had!
Those are sooo very simple! And I did it :)

This week for my Weight Watchers goal I am going to keep doing what I was doing and am not going to eat past 9pm unless it is a fruit or a veggie. I really would like to cut back on how much I eat at night and like I said before.. it takes 30 days to develop a habit and that is what I am going for :)

It's time I put the pedal to the metal and speed this process up. YES I CAN eat whatever I want. Am I going to? NO. I wan't to lose weight not maintain or have a small drop every week. I am going to stick to my plan and get the mentality I had when I first started weight watchers back. Time to cut back on junk, eating out and emotional eating. I joined weight watchers originally saying I could afford it if I cut out all of the fast food and eating out. Slowly I started forgetting about that and now I'm not going to anymore. Why waste money on food that is bad for you? It doesn't make sense when you're spending money to lose weight. Yeah I'd love to eat McDonalds or Harvey's or Taco Bell every week but for me and my personal weight loss this won't be an option anymore :).There are other healthy options I could go for instead of eating fast food... like a pita or a salad. I'm not saying this is a "forever" thing but for right now this is what I need to do for myself. Once and a while is okay but even weekly is too often. 

Heres to my new-new beginning!




  1. This is amaaaazing Steph, keep it up! So proud. <3

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! So super happy for you gorgeous.

    <3 Marina