Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 3

This is gonna be short and sweet :). Sorry I didn't post yesterday but I was feeling realllly tired and crashed pretty early :)

For day 3 of my challenge I went for a 30 minute extreme power walk with Brady (my golden retriever) .. Its really different when it's freezing cold out. I felt like I barely sweat and whatever I did was going to turn to ice!! Brrrr!!! Today (day 4) I will be working out inside on the treadmill and incorporating my exercise ball in towards the end.

I'd also like to add.. last night I went to costco to buy something and my idol JANN ARDEN was there!! I got to meet her.. I was freaking out!! hahaha
She is SUPER nice and sooo cool!!! It was great!!

Anyways.. I am about to go on a breakfast date with one of my closest friends!! Can't wait to see her.. its been wayyyyy too long!

Love & Such,
Steph <3

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