Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 13 & 14

Sorry I've been such a shitty blogger! I've actually been getting over a flu bug so haven't wanted to do a thing.

I stayed home from ROOF on Monday as I didn't want to go in and spread my bug to the homeless youth.. that just wouldn't be fair. I stayed home in bed and gamed playing MW3 for hours. haha.. I'm a bit of a loser.

I did manage to drag my butt out of bed to do 120 situps.. OUCH. It hurts today lol..

Today was a good day.. I had another person tell me that it shows I'm losing weight *happy dance*


I did a 25 minute workout on the treadmill tonight.. felt good but I did feel a bit lightheaded after. I can really feel a difference from when I first started working out to now.. I feel like my legs have more strength.. I can work out for longer and the big one is my motivation. I look forward to working out now because I can FEEL a difference! :) I love it!!

Anyways.. tomorrow is my weigh in day.. I'm kinda nervous as there are things that happen that affect whether or not i lose weight. Won't go into detail but .. BLAH!


Steph :)

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