Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 10 & 11

So yesterday was kinda of a weird day.. it was snowing like a mofo which didn't make it too fun to walk in. I had a pretty busy day so knew if I wanted to work out I'd need to do it on my lunchbreak again. I waited for Gus but he was too busy so went on my own. I'm seriously surprised how comfortable and warm my winter jacket is! lol.. I got in a 14 minute power walk so I was happy with that :) It was my grandpas birthday yesterday.. he turned 77 :) I love him so much!

Today I went for two walks. I took brady for a brisk walk to the stop sign on my road and back.. it was sooo nice out! It was a 20 minute power walk. Did the same thing about 2 hours later with my boyfriend Pete and it was more leisurely but was about 30 mins.

Tonight we have some family friends coming over and I'm sooo excited to see them! I love them so much <3

Will update you tomorrow.


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