Thursday, May 31, 2012

Quote of the week!

Sitting on your couch thinking about getting in shape isn't going to get you anywhere. Saying "oh I'll start next week.. next month.. or even tomorrow" isn't going to work. You need to start right now! Live in the moment. Change your life for good. Go to the next level!

SOOO many times in my life I have said "next month I'll diet" or "I'll be good next week" or "I'll buy these pants and hopefully lose 10 lbs to fit into them". Do you think I ever fit into those pants? NOPE. They sat in my closet for YEARS. YEARS.

Now I can wear them! Why? Because I decided to make the change. One day I decided to change my life for good and I joined weight watchers and everything changed. I transformed my life with this wonderful thing I call my lifestyle change. My whole life turned around. I bought a size 14 pair of jeans from the Gap about 3-4 years ago. I knew I loved them and had previously owned a pair of size 16 jeans which I later wore so much they were ruined. I tried them on and they were tight.. I thought someday I would be able to fit into them. I couldn't.. not until late last year. Even after losing 30 lbs I still couldn't fit into them. Now I wear them often and they are BIG on me.

It is a good feeling.

If you are feeling bad about yourself because you are "bigger" or are feeling unhealthy or just want to make a change in your life.. START TODAY!! What else do you have to lose? A day of being healthy?

You can do it! If I can do it.. you can do it! I was the laziest couch potato in the world 14 months ago. THAT IS A FACT. I had a treadmill, stair climber, exercise bike, full weight lifting area and never used it. Look how far I've come.

Wanna see how far I can go?? Just keep reading...




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  1. That is so true. The moment I decided to just do it, rather than scheduling a day to start, is the moment I actually stuck to the plan and have not quit since. It's all about using that motivation the moment you have it, rather than trying to use it a day or week later, because it simply won't last.