Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 7-10

Hey all,

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Mine was kind of busy but relaxing at the same time :).

I was able to continue on with my challenge and have been active all week!

Friday-Day 7
On Friday I came home from work and did Zumba which felt sooooooooooo good. I love doing it soo much. It's one of those activities that doesn't really feel like an activity. I had the house to myself so was able to do a lot of cleaning and laundry also. I'm happy I had a free night to get some things done :).

Saturday-Day 8
On Saturday Mom and I had a girls day which was really fun. We woke up and went shopping.. then did more shopping.. and more shopping. Thankfully I didn't spend any money! I need to conserve.
We made a healthy lunch and then took brady for a 20 minute walk. That night we went to see The Lucky One which was REALLY good. Come on.. it had Zack Efron in it.. yum yum!! He is soo dreamy!

Sunday-Day 9
I woke up on Sunday.. had a light breakfast and then hit the treadmill right away for 30 mins. I hadn't been on the treadmill in sooo long but it's nice to see that my endurance is getting better. It took A LOT longer for me to feel tired :). When I was done that I worked out on my exercise ball for about 10 minutes which felt good too.. though I felt that the next day! OUCH

I was able to see my lover on Sunday night after my cousin's wedding shower. I had missed him sooo much. But we went out for dinner and then spent the evening cuddled up on the couch watching The Simpsons and Game of Thrones (LOVE that show!)

Monday-Day 10
Yesterday was a pretty stressful day. It was non stop. I worked 9-5 and then left right away to pick up a bed from my grandma that I delivered to the Shelter.. then I had 15 mins and went to grab a coffee from Tim Hortons. Then once I got back to ROOF it was go, go, go which is actually a good thing. Night went by soo fast and I had a really good time! By the time I got home at 11 I was sooo ready to pass right out. I had no desire to do a thing.

Last night something kind of weird happened. I was laying in my bed playing with my phone when my bedroom door knob started to jiggle/move. I was like WTF. I could hear the mirror wobbling (sits on the back of my door) and the things I had hanging on the handle were moving. I know 100% my parents were sleeping and no one was doing it.


These things always happen to me though lol. Within 5 minutes I was back to being fine.

I didn't have a set activity yesterday but I did grocery shop for an hour.. carried about 40-60 lbs of groceries up the stairs into the office.. I also helped move a twin bed.. and moved it down stairs into the shelter. I was also running around ROOF last night and helped make dinner.

Thats more than 5 minutes of activity I believe :P.

Anyways I must go.. it's Tuesday so you know what that means.. ZUMBAZUMBAZUMBAAAAAAA!!!




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