Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 25-27

I'm going to try and make this one a quick blog.. lets see how that one goes!

Day 25- Tuesday

Tuesday night.. ZUMBA NIGHT!! I shook my booty for a good 40 minutes which always feels soo good :). I love the feeling after I do Zumba.

Day 26- Wednesday

Wednesday night was a busy one for me. After work I went and had dinner with my grandparents which is always a highlight of my week. They're so awesome!! I came home and asked my mom to go for a walk with me.. Just a 25 minute leisurely walk to the stop sign and back. I came home and did A LOT of cleaning.. probably about 1-2 hours worth of cleaning. It was sooo worth it in the end as my room is finally how I want it to be and the cabinets underneath my sinks in the bathroom are finally organized :).

Day 27- Thursday

Last night mom and I went to see the Avengers. I had won free movie tickets at our Volunteer Appreciation night so I figured I would take the person I appreciated the most <3. The movie was sooooooo good (except for the rude fucks who wouldn't stop talking THE ENTIRE MOVIE.. wouldn't stop going on their phones THE ENTIRE MOVIE.. and RIIIIIGHT when the movie ended started making out.. right at the top of the stairs so they were blocking the exit for us.. I walked right by and loudly said "UM EXCUUUUUUUSE MEE!!!!!" I should have sat down and talked really loudly beside them during their make out session) Feels good to get that rant out.. ahahah sorry! Anyways.. the movie was very good! We had a non-fat frozen yogurt (6 points) and shivered the entire movie hahah. Got home and I reallllllllly didn't feel like doing any kind of activity. I honestly just wanted to pass out. But did I do that? Nope.. I said "I have 3 days left!! I'm not screwing that up now".. I went downstairs and got my exercise ball and did sit ups for 10 minutes straight. OWWW I did 200 situps in that period and wanted to get sick afterwards.. haha oooh the joy of sit ups :)

I was happy afterwards and thats what matters :)


Gotta get back to work as my lunch break is over.. Toodles!


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