Sunday, June 3, 2012

Update on my challenge

Hey all,

So I wanted to update on my challenge. I've officially finished the Hunger Games trilogy and all I can say is WOW. That was amazing. I am honestly really disappointed it is over and wish I could read on and on. I highly recommend you read them.

Now I feel like I want to jump on the Fifty Shades of Grey train so I think I will go try to find it today. Everyone I know seems to love it so I'm excited to start.

Anyways.. my weekend has being going well! I had breakfast with one of my great friends Amber! She's fantastic and I feel like we could talk forever lol. Always a good time with her. I had a yummy parfait! mmm. After that I stayed at home and finished up the 3rd book Catching Fire. Then Pete and I went out for a sushi dinner which was sooo yummy! mmm.

Tonight is the season finale of Game of Thrones so I'm excited for that!

Gonna let this be a short one.

Have a fun Sunday!


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