Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 18

Hi all,

This is going to be a quicky as I'm pretty tired and about to finish some cleaning.

Instead of doing my usual Zumba like I usually do on Tuesday nights I decided to take advantage of the AMAZING weather and went for a power walk with my pup. We powered through 25 minutes and then mom and I went shopping :) hehe. I didn't buy anything but mom bought me this awesome foot scraper thingy (I have dry heels :( they suck!) It is effing AWESOME. It's metal instead of pumice which is different and works really well.

When I came home I cleaned up my space and organized a bit. I guess that also counts as activity.

I wanted to touch on my week. It was hard. I was either very busy and rushed or was very lazy and hungry. I stuck to my points and didn't use ANY of my 49 points.. whoohoo!! I also earned 36 activity points this week



I know I'm weird.

It was hard still though. Hard to stay on track and hard not to give in to all of my cravings. I don't really WANT to weigh in tomorrow but I need to face the music and own up to whatever I did.. good or bad. It's part of being a weight watcher. I have even thought about NOT weighing in but know it would be a stupid mistake and the following weeks weight loss just wouldn't be realistic.

So with that said.. I am going to weigh in tomorrow!! I am going to own my week good or bad.

I will post tomorrow and let you know how it went.



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