Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Hi all,

So when I went shopping on Sunday I quickly discovered that 50 Shades of Grey was sold out in No lie. I decided I would buy the book online and read another one until it arrived.

I got the entire series off for $30!!! The online price was 9.99 each and the shipping was free on orders over $25. SCORE!!! Much better than paying $18 per book!

I was content and started reading a book my friend Amber had let me borrow called "B is for beauty". I initially started reading a few weeks ago and couldnt get into it but I read a little further on Sunday night and now I'm almost done! lol. It's about a girl who is very unsatisfied with herself and the way she looks and is VERY unhappy. She goes through a major change and is learning to love herself again..

Sounds kinda familiar. It's a good read! And FUNNY! I'm trying to understand how a man could have written this.

Anyway... things in life have been good. I had a gain this week but am not too bothered by it. My pants are feeling loose and I officially got rid of the pants that I never used to be able to button up. I was able to pull them down without unbuttoning them. FEELS DAMN GOOD!!! I feel that way with alot of my wardrobe.. my hard work is paying off :). I'm feeling great again! :)

I've also been consistent with my workouts and have still been enjoying zumba.

Anyways I must run.. toodles!

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