Sunday, March 4, 2012

This ones a long one.. Day 24/25/26/27/28

I am a blog slacker :|

Though as I said before this was one of the busiest weeks of my work life!! Any spare time I had was used to relax or spend with the ones I love :)

Let me catch you up!

Wednesday was a LOT of fun. We had our Primal Leap Day Potluck and had a great turnout and the food was awesome!!! At around 2:15ish the power went out and no one really knew what to do so we just kind of chilled out. Ended up with a bunch of people hanging out in the open area playing music, singing and doing shots. It was a ton of fun :). I left at 4:30 and went to visit my grandparents for dinner. I didn't stay too long as there was a freezing rain warning.

Wednesday night I got my workout in. I did a 30 minute work out on the treadmill. (my go to lately).

Thursday was the busiest of all days. I had a very tight deadline and had to submit things to my boss. As usual my hangouts with Jenn are thursday nights so I had to go for a quick walk during work. I ended up getting 5 minutes in and ended up staying an extra hour and a half. Did I mention how crazy busy I was? lol. We also started a coding challenge at work that day so I needed to support that. By the time 6:30 rolled around I was so happy to be able to leave and go visit my best friend Jenn :). We had a fun evening as usual!

Friday was the biggest relief for me. I wanted to do a happy dance. It was still a very busy day but it ended very well :). We picked the winners of the coding challenge and those who won really deserved it! I came home expecting to do Zumba with my mom on PS3 but apparently you need a PS3 move thing to go with it. (which just doesn't seem worth the extra $60). I told her to return it and we'll get the DVD kit. Instead I opted for another 30 minute workout on the treadmill. I went to Petes that night and had a jolly old time as usual. He really is fabulous and makes me feel incredible! I'm such a lucky gal!

Saturday I had expected to go to St. Thomas with my grandparents to visit my great aunt and uncle but apparently we were expecting a storm so they cancelled. Instead I decided to get my workout in early. I went downstairs on got on the treadmill for 30 minutes while watching the Bachelor. Anyone else watch this show? Anyone else think he's the stupidest idiot ever? He makes REALLY BAD choices. But to each their own I guess.

Anyways I got that in pretty early and decided to read for a bit. I became addicted to this book on Friday.. called I've got your number- Sophie Kinsella. She is my favourite author and writes the most hilarious books ever. I highly recommend them to any female who likes chiclit. I started this book on Friday and JUST finished it. It was soo hard to put down.

On Saturday Pete came to pick me up around 2ish and we went to the grocery store to pick up supplies for dinner. We made Steak, twice baked potatoes and bruschetta. I must admit that it was friggin awesome and we both did an amazing job :).

I actually had a "first time" experience last night. And no it is NOT dirty (I'm looking at you stef hahahah). I watched Lord of the rings for the first time. Pretty good movie :)

Anyways I kinda want to speed this up as my body HURTS right now from the workout I just got in.

Today my mom picked me up from Pete's and we went out for breakfast at Chez Coras which was fabulous!! After that we went dress shopping which was fun. Especially considering I finally found a dress for my cousins wedding! Its hot and I feel really sexy in it!! WHOOT :D

I came home and grabbed my exercise ball and did some working out in my room. O M G. haha I love working out on that ball and you can REALLY feel it after. It felt sooo good!! I got 20 minutes in on that :)

Anyways I'm headed to Pete's so I must go!



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  1. I need an exercise ball!Ughh you inspired me to get one! Kepp up the good work baby!