Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 30- Challenge COMPLETE!!!

YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!! I have completed my challenge and finished 30 days of workout!!

I feel fantastic! I've noticed sooo many changes and I'm soo proud of myself. Some of the things I've noticed are:
  • I can last longer on the treadmill without getting winded.
  • I look forward to working out!
  • My legs feel toned!
  • 1st Zumba class I thought I was going to die after 20 minutes. I just made it through an hour feeling great and wanting more!!
  • Planning workouts ahead of time.
  • Feeling sexy in my clothes!!
My favourite is that last one ;).

I feeeeeeeeeeeel good na na na na na na na.

You get it! haha

Anyways.. Tonight Mom, Amber and I went for a Zumba class and we had a BLAST. I pushed through the entire class and enjoyed every single minute of it. Even when my arms were burning and I wanted to scream. haha. I honestly wanted to do another class after :|. What a difference!!


Thanks for your support and I encourage you to start up your own 30 day challenge. Of anything! Challenge yourself to something for 30 days! Help yourself build a habit :)!

I will be having another challenge soon. I haven't thought of what it will be but you know I will keep you informed.

Good night!


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