Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Challenge update

Hey all,

Hope you had a swell weekend. Mine was shitty to say the least. I am not going to go into that though.

Anyways.. I successful have stuck to my challenge. I did Zumba on Saturday and boy was it difficult. I hadn't  done Zumba since June! I've been a bit nervous to start doing it again since I fell and had a minor ankle sprain. Anyways.. it was hard, hot and the next day my body hurt like crazy.

Tonight I am also supposed to do Zumba and will be doing that immediately when I get home. Looking forward to it! I am also going to see the new Ice Age movie tonight with my mom so I am pumped for that.

Anyways.. I am going through a lot right now. There is a chance I may be taking a week or so off from blogging as I need to clear my mind and find my inner happiness again.

I will be okay.. I just need some time to pick myself back up.

Anyways.. have a great day! xo


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