Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Motivation has been returned!

As you can see by my title I am feeling GREAT!

Honestly last week I was feeling so crappy because I was eatting late at night and I'd wake up and would feel like vomiting. It was not a fun feeling! On Wednesday I decided to have a one week challenge of not eating past 8pm unless it was fruit. It was kind of difficult at first but I resisted! I think I only ate past 8pm twice :). I even went out of my way to make sure I had fruit available to snack on. I planned it out and in the end I was okay :)!

Tomorrow is my weigh in day and I'm hoping for a loss! I feel like my pants aren't AS tight as they were last week which is a very nice feeling!!


This should be a good week! Tonight is my band practice which I am looking forward to! Always fun to jam! After that is my TV lineup.. Parenthood, Ringer and then Storage Wars. Why does everyone make fun of me when they hear this? :P

Thursday night is Jersday with my bestest friend Jenn. Can't wait to just chill out and relax! Then the next day her and I are taking the day off work to do a shopping trip! I can't wait to go to Forever21! My favourite thing about this weight loss is that I don't have to shop in plus sized only stores! I can wear clothes from ANYWHERE!!!! :D ANNNNDDDD I need to get new jeans because my size 14's are getting too loose!!! *HAPPY DANCE HAPPY DANCE*

I know some people think *size 14.. thats huge!!* To me it feels wonderful.. I started out my weight loss journey where a size 18 was too tight! Now I'm fitting into some size 12's.. I did not see that happening :)


Pete's birthday is coming up on the weekend which should be nice! I think we're heading up to Kingston and then on Sunday I'm going to take him out for Thai food :)!

Should be a good week!

I'll post tomorrow about my weigh in and let you guys know about my new 30 day challenge that is coming up!!

Take care!


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