Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 28 & 29

Hi all!!

Soo Wednesday was a crazy busy day.. My parents left for Jamaica and I am left at home with Brady.. soo I had to rush home.. take him for a walk.. load him up into the car and take him to my grandparents for our usual dinner date :). It was good and I loooove what they made. "Romanian Pizza" Its basically cornmeal covered in cheese and baked.. mmmmmmmmmmm soooooooooooo friggin good. Usually there is bacon in it.. not this time though. meh!

I also weighed in Wednesday morning and I'm down .5 lbs! That makes 5 lbs total since the beginning of this work out challenge!! It doesnt seem like a lot but Im nearing 40 lbs total so it seems to be coming off much slower lately :)

When I came home from my grandparents I jumped on the exercise ball and did 120 situps in 5 minutes. It is the bare minimum but I still got in two 10-15 minute walks with brady.. so I don't feel TOO bad :)

On Thursday I had a really shitty day.. I was majorly down in the dumps :(. I've been feeling really lonely.. and I guess when you only hang out with a dog it gets to you.

After work my boss, and coworker Georgina went shopping for our Adopt-a-family :). I got home and walked Brady for 15 minutes.. It's really hard to walk him in the dark with no street lights whatsoever.. I use the flashlight on my phone that does out every 45 seconds :|. I came back in and made dinner (french onion soup mmmm) .. and then jumped on the treadmill for 15 minutes.. Afterwards I got on the exercise ball and did 120 sit ups. Felt great.

I then got super lonely and depressed and cried myself to sleep.. being alone isn't my thing. I also had nightmares last night... One where I murdered someone! One where a gang was after me.. and then another where I was kidnapped! It was freaky :( Not a fan.

Today is my big day and I wanted to make a seperate post .. I will do that one later :)

The man is on his way over.. soooooo I should clean up a bit before he comes!



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