Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm Back!


Hope you are all doing well and have been enjoying this beautiful (yet overly hot) summer!

Once again it's been quite awhile since I've blogged. So much has been going on...

Last weekend was the Canada Day long weekend which was nice and relaxing and this past weekend Pete and I made it extra long and went up to Ottawa. We had a BLAST. 

I decided I wasn't going to hold myself back.. that I was going to treat myself and truly enjoy myself in every single aspect. You know what? I realized that this thing I call my "lifestyle change" really has changed my life! I make better decisions even when I am not thinking of weight watchers. I did something bad and didn't track all weekend. Sunday night I sat in my hotel room looking out over the water and back tracked. You know what? I didn't go over ONCE on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. All three nights I stayed in a hotel.. All three days we traveled far distances. I stayed within my points without even thinking about it. It was a bit hard to control how much Fruit/Veg/Protein/Dairy I consumed as I ate out for all of my meals but I did make sure I got fresh fruit from the market and even opted for salads or a side of veggies (except when I decided to burg it up). I succeeded without even thinking about it. I must say most of my choices weren't ideal but we did a lot of walking and I shook my booty something fierce Saturday night at the wedding we attended. 

I weighed in yesterday and I am down 1.2 lbs this week. I was surprised to say the least.

Anyways.. now back to the fun part! Ottawa friggin ROCKS. I love our Capital. What a fantastic place.. I can't wait to go back again. Our hotels were absolutely beautiful.. the people were friendly as can be and the views.. breathtaking.

Here are some pics:

The lovely view from our hotel room in Kanata, ON. Brookstreet Hotel.. I highly recommend it! Great service and the room was TRULY beautiful

Parliament Building!

A lot of war memorial stuff around Parliament. I will never forget.

Good ol' Wilfie

Old vs New Parliament

The view off the Rideau trail we walked

This is the Tomb of the unknown soldier. 

So many people were painting on the streets. This one was my favourite. Yes I did give him money :P

View from my hotel room in Gatineau. Absolutely beautiful and relaxing. 

Yummy strawberries I picked up at the market. Gotta love fresh Ontario berries!

Could see Parliament from my hotel room!

Me before going out for a fancy dinner to Empire Grill in Byward Market

Pete carrying his dog around. He is not a happy camper

Me learning to fly

This was my fave plane we saw in the Canada Space & Aviation Museum

This sign made me laugh hysterically. Had to share :)

There you go! There is my update. I promise I will update you all more often. Maybe I should make a challenge of posting every single day? lol

Who knows..

Gotta run!



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